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Learn at your own pace by listening to a full version and once you think you’ve got the hang of it, try out a new karaoke version. This is truly a very fun way to learn for all ages.

TDG has produced several versions of The Best Book Bible Song: The Original Rap version, the Acoustic version, The Acoustic Beatbox version, and the Rap (part II) version. The bundle you see here will include karaoke versions also!

The Bible Best Book BIBLE Song Karaoke Album
1. BIBLE Song Rap I
2. BIBLE Song Rap I (Karaoke)
3. BIBLE Song Acoustic
4. BIBLE Song Acoustic (Karaoke)
5. BIBLE Song Beatbox Acoustic
6. BIBLE Song Beatbox Acoustic (Karaoke)
7. BIBLE Song Rap II
8. BIBLE Song Rap II (Karaoke)

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Some time ago in a small church in Austin Texas during children’s church, a teacher suggested TDG should make a song about the books of the Bible. It didn’t happen over night but eventually TDG made the original rap version the The Best Book BIBLE Song. Not only did it help members at his church learn the books of the Bible, it began to spread and help the community as he performed the song at various churches.

Once the original and acoustic versions of The Best Book BIBLE Song videos were featured online, it became a viral success reaching people around the globe. Sunday school and Bible study teachers began using The Best Book BIBLE Song at their churches in the United States. Even a school in the Philippines began to use it to teach students the books of the Bible. Now, you can learn The Best Book BIBLE Song and sing along with your voice on the new karaoke versions. Each karaoke version is an instrumental with background vocals. Many have bought just the original version alone at a $5 value. This one time deal of ALL EIGHT versions is a steal.

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